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I am a Senior at Southern Illinois University (SIU). I am studying history and creative writing with hopes for law school or a teaching job. I spent 4 years in the Marines, this background caused the residents of the dorm I was in charge of (scary huh?) to nickname me Combat Kyle. I game weekly to escape to real world to maintain my sanity.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Aldaron "Twigg" Melhurst

Here is my C&C rogue for a campaign my girlfriend will be running this fall. A break from my meatshield types, he is a stealthy ladies man who loves to fence. BTW I don't play all of these characters every week, at the most I play 3 times a week, usually 2 times. My gaming group alternates games every couple of weeks or so.

Picture of Thraag

Here is a picture of Thraag, the character I am playing in an online game of C&C.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Faultline - Protector of San Guardia

This is a picture of my character Faultline that I play on the mIRC server MagicStar. MegamanFan from Dragoonsfoot runs the game, we have had just one session but it is a blast. He has the ability to tranform his body into nearly impervious granite. He also can control any material made out of earth. He saved many citizens in the SoCal city of San Guardia by stopping a speeding boat with a cushy wall of sand.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Online C&C Game

I am playing a game of C&C online with these great folks, the CK is Sakthros. Here are the players and thier characters:

CombatKyle (Me :) ) is Thraag Kettlegut: lvl 1 Dwarf Barbarian

Casey 777 is Elgin Surric: lvl 3 Human Thief

BroccoliRage is Skeeth: lvl 1 Human Fighter

Rhuvien is Rigollo: lvl 3 Halfling Bard

Inkpot is Amairgin Rowanbranch: lvl 1 Elven Druid

Megamanfan is Veronimus Banebow: lvl 3 Elf Ranger

Rigon is Havyr Hamrson: lvl 2 Human Fighter

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gygax and Me

Here is a picture of myself and the man who has provided countless hours of entertianment with his creation. My childhood whould have been quite dull without him.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

LGGC Photos

Here are photos from the Lake Geneva Gaming Convention. They photos are of Mr. Gygax with original members of the C&C Society, Gygax accepting the original transcript of the Temple of Elemental Evil from Frank Mentzer, and Gary running a game of Lejenday Adverntures at his house.

Campaign Info

I never really got everyone up to date with my campaign so here is a down and dirty summary of the last 15 months of gaming. The party has lost a player and added two players are now composed as follows: Remaining Characters: Jaylock, Stel, and Raith. New/Reintroduced Characters: Mahaulus (Half-Elf Female Knight), Quinga Matar (Elf Fighter), Crofanton (Elf Thief). Eliminated characters, Thengil. More info on the character can be found in the archives. Here is the campaign so far:

The character solved the problems of Malforten and eliminated Gritznak the Gnoll raider, helped several of the citizens and cleared an undead infestation from the area. From there they proceeded to the south where they met many a strange folk in a massive trade fair of thousands of multi-colored tents and people. Steel Rigors, the monk won a beauty pageant/pig wrangling contest, Jaylock the Wizard/Cleric made money identifying items and healing people. Raith made some money doing contract work, eliminating some nasty folk. At the fair they learned of an ancient tower rumored to be in the area, this led them to the Goodman Games module, The Mysterious tower. After clearing the tower they proceeded to Botkinburg (Assault on Blacktooth Ridge Module, Troll Lord Games) where they began helping the townsfolk. Finding out the Lord of Ludenshine is in fact a High Priest of the evil god Unkalr; they set out to find his source of new found power and army of horned beasts called ungern. This led them through an ancient temple that teleported them through several pocket elemental planes (water, earth, air, fire) where they passed through to an ancient temple of Unklar in the middle of the ocean. At this island they battled great numbers of ungern a former comrade who had been twisted by evil magic into a killing machine and several dozen goblins. They learned here that Heimer has made a treaty with the ancient and powerful Eldritch goblins and the great kingdom of Outremere is in a state of war with Heimer and his goblin allies. A contact with the Keepers (a secret society determined to thwart Unklar) Horatio Talbot met the characters on the island with a small fleet of Outremere warships. He informed the characters that they were thought to be dead and 5 years had passed while they were in the Elemental Temple, Horatio had come to the Temple of Unklar to destroy the Ungern nests that were kept below. Seeing the characters alive his tasked them with a mission to recover the 9 Orbs of the Dragons around the world. If they refused he would have left them on the island to fend for them on the island. Begrudgingly they accepted this mission and find themselves with a ship, crew and map of a nearby island where a Dragon Orb is rumored to be located. The players now find themselves on the Isle of Dread (TSR X1 module) making their way towards the plateau on the center of the island. They have fought off a few dinosaurs and met some natives. They now find themselves in the company of the Phanaton (racoon/monkey people) who have asked them to eliminate a spider problem. The campaign will be updated weekly from here starting this Sunday.

Lake Geneva Gaming Convention

We'll I ahve just returned from the Lake Geneva Gaming convention. In short is was a great Con. The highlight for me was playing a game of Lejendary Adventures with E. Gary Gygax on his front porch. Since I started gaming in 1994, I had always known the name Gary Gygax. He was a mythical figure who created a game which has given me great joy and provided limitless entertainment for me. So in 2006, on a Sunday afternoon, I find myself playing a Greater Oaf meatshield in a series of caves with Mr. Gygax himself GMing. My character absorbed a large ammount of damage as a blanket like fungus surrounded my character and started to digest him. The other playes beath the mold off of my character, beating the Oaf in the process. Alas my Oaf survived and I have a story to tell of how Gary Gygax almost killed my character. Thank you Mr. Gygax. There were other great moments at the Con as well, I enjoyed running games on Friday and Saturday and would like to thank the players who put up with me. The games I played with Rob Kuntz, Ghul and Miller were very fun as well and I would like to thank everyone I played with for putting up with my bad case of diarehea of the mouth. A final thanks goes to Tammy and the Trolls for putting on a great Con. I will see you all next year.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Clakkity Athletics

Thanks to Inkspot, miller6 and others on the Trolls boards for this inspiration.

It's been a while

I havn't posted in a while because I had a really busy spring semester and my computer was stolen. Anyway I will be updating th blog shortly, just give me some time.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Multicalss rules

Simply a player starts out at 1/1. They get max hit points for both classes at first level. They use the most restrictive armor rules and least restrictive weapon rules. The base to hit is the higher of the two (not the two added together) . Players divide thier XP evenly, rounding down all remainders. When one of the classes reaches 8th level (for example 5/8 fighter/rogue) the player can choose to focus all further XP on the lower class. However the player can no longer advance the class that reached level 8 first. So lets say Jaylok reaches 6 wizard 8 cleric. He can choose to apply all of his further XP to the wizard class but may no longer advance as a cleric. Hope that helps. I am planning more posts later, but school just started and I'm already behind.